Vocal Coaching

Dr. Scott Martin is a pioneer of the European Vocal Method, focusing on Lower Costal Diaphragmatic Breathing. Scotts method is to focus on the entirety of your instrument – your body – not just your vocal chords. “From the Floor Up” is a phrase very familiar to Scott’s students.

Singers often hear the word “support” and are told to “sing from the diaphragm”. But where exactly is your diaphragm? Can you feel it? Then how can you use it?

Voice Lessons with Doc Scott will teach you how to correctly breathe and control your instrument for proper support when singing. Understanding of your anatomy and muscle location will help. Breathing techniques and exercises, as well as good posture will ensure strong support for your voice.

Appropriate breathing and support will then allow any singer to increase their vocal range. Unable to hit those high notes? Dr. Scott can help you increase your range. He will help you maximize your “full” or “chest voice”. He will help you develop your “head” or “false voice”. And he will help bring together your full and head voices into a proper “blended voice” that will allow you to fully realize your complete range in singing.

Knowledge of Resonance and Placement are crucial to a rich, full tone to your voice. Scott knows how to draw the best tone from your instrument and will teach you how to consistently achieve the best tone possible.

Dr. Martin also has extensive knowledge and experience in the recording studio. Scott has been brought into vocal recording sessions for countless A List stars from around the country in all genres. He can help you prepare your instrument for recording so you can lay the best tracks possible.

Scott is currently teaching in person lessons from his office in Lakewood, CO. But Scott also regularly handles lessons via phone and internet for students around the globe. Call Scott today and begin developing your voice to be the best singer you can be! 303-778-6163