“How do I begin to tell my colleague and dear friend what you have meant to me and our clients? Our careers have spanned well over 30 years.  We have done acts from N’sync to the average Joe.  One thing I’ve known for certain is there is no one I’d rather have in the studio with me than Dr. Scott Martin. Your revolutionary technique and sometimes out of the ordinary ways with the client always makes for a successful recording session and for me, the Engineer/Producer.  You have always made our sessions fun, exciting and extremely productive.  What you bring into our recording sessions is invaluable.  Thank you so much for always being the professional that you are, yet human like everyone else.  You are the true test in the studio.  Providing the ultimate in vocal capacity, endurance, quality and emotion.  You are always willing to help others instead of yourself.  You are always putting other people first instead of yourself. Thank you Scott for being a great friend, a great professional and an all around great guy!  I am truly blessed to have you in my life.  I look forward to doing many other projects with you in future.” – Steve Avedis Engineer/Producer, Colorado Sound

“Scott Martin (Doc) has an incredible gift for pin-pointing, adjusting, and fine-tuning vocal technique and tone. I highly recommend him to anyone at any level of experience who is looking for a vocal coach that will take the time to focus on individual vocal development while also giving students the tools and methods to work on improvement outside of the studio as well. Doc is a vocal wizard and I have absolutely loved working with him!” – Brianna Rae

“Scott is an amazing coach, mentor and friend. I’ve known Scott for close to 10 years and have been taking regular lessons over the past 3 years. Prior to working with Scott I had not taken voice lessons nor sung in front of anyone. Today, I work part time as an intern at a multi campus church helping lead worship. I would not be where I am today without Scott. Numerous times I doubted my abilities at being a vocalist and struggled with continuing to learn to sing. However, every time I left a lesson with Scott, I felt encouraged and had a renewed sense of motivation. Scott taught me the importance of solid vocal foundation (Air Support) and how to sing effectively. I’ve seen multiple students who have work with Scott and can truly see a difference in their singing abilities. This is what initially led me to Scott. Now having worked with Scott, I highly recommend him to anyone I come across who is interested in vocal lessons/coaching.” – Justin H.

“If Dr. L. Scott Martin is your vocal coach, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! He is a skilled vocal coach to the professional singer. He is a patient gift to the beginner. And everything in between.   When I first began my vocal studies with Scott, I already had a music degree, was teaching music and performing and wrongly assumed I knew what I was doing! Not so! Scott took me on a musical journey that continues today. Years later, I can’t begin to thank him enough. Because of his years of experience I have grown so much. But his teaching is much more than just techniques. His passion and his huge heart as he teaches inspire me. I am now much more prepared as a singer and vocal coach and teach these professional techniques to my students. ” – Catherine P.

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